a bird in some way

Matthew 6:25–26; Matthew 11:28–30

Tonja E. Betts
2 min readSep 14, 2022
Photo by Anchor Lee on Unsplash

a burdensome way
all clumped & snappy
sees a bird in some way
all small & flappy

on gold-flecked bands,
on a jetway bridge,
in a fizzed street-bath,
on equation-ridge.

& how oft does bird switch
its dreams of the day?
does the egret regret?
does the jay dip gray?

surely. but unobserved.—
though there’re flues of ferment
in its life’s details,
it’s wired for ascent.

a bird takes its crab
high, high on the peak
& drops it to break
& then eats the meat

off rocks’ fresh feet,
innards as treasure;
orts for the witnesses.
needs, pre-measured.

anybody a bird —
in some way, a bird:
bracing at heights;
lightsome, its verb.

it’s built in eternity;
day five in His yoke.
a bird in some way—
an indelible hope.

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