A Time For Quietude & Solitude

Tonja E. Betts
1 min readMay 31
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Mountain-quietness & me: just two beings being beings.

Albums…albumens…softly cook: the unobtrusive little things.

Nothing has nothing to do but nothing: & nothing — it needs no time for preen.

Discourse assumes cerebral hums: into the throat’s berceuse they lean.

If’n — though — in some strained surrounds…the chin must drop/ease off its clench,

Brevity of the voice be mine extinguishing out the staunchest stench. —

Latched onto blue-lilacs’ song, there I be a frugal finch.

Ever if I a squally heap, I rest my groan on Sunday’s bench.

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Tonja E. Betts

Scrabble addict, enthusiastic tea drinker, perfume bottle collector, Prince music lover, poesy paronomasia-ist, happy mom.