wading through facets

Tonja E. Betts
1 min readJun 29
Photo by Brecht Denil on Unsplash

we tried forever —
forever was too………
tatted with fetters;
two flustered whos

wading through facets.
what tricky fate!
were typical folk —
water to face—

wilder than flowers —
faster than whippets —
wasps to forehead —
fatter than willets — .

worlds that fit,
fumble when tested.
trusts, we forged;
then “forever”: wrested.

the fonky winters
filleted ten ways;
we, there, fatigued —
weakened ‘til frayed.

who tries forever
then finishes well?
we tried forever;
that: we failed.

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Tonja E. Betts

Scrabble addict, enthusiastic tea drinker, perfume bottle collector, Prince music lover, poesy paronomasia-ist, happy mom.